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Twelve-year-old Jen is the first human student at Monsterville Junior High. Without fangs or claws, she doesn't seem to fit in. Her newfound friends try to help her adapt, but their advice quickly turns into a monstrous mess.

When her teacher gives her a mysterious item for safekeeping, Jen promises to take good care of it.  However, she accidentally awakens an angry spirit in the school's music room.  Can Jen figure out how to calm the spirit and stop its school-wide rampage?  And what does this all have to do with that mysterious item?  Find out, if you dare venture into...

Something strange is happening to Jen.  Ever since the incident at Mia's house, Jen can't possibly fall asleep.  Luckily, Mia has a solution, but it's going to take a lot of courage, quick thinking, and some very special moss.

What could be better than a story? A whole collection of stories! It's Jen's first Halloween in Monsterville and things are about to get spooky. Jen's house gets infested with creepy, candy-craving critters; Aileen shows off a futuristic smell-capturing technology; and Lucas has to fight a mean-spirited skeleton. Treat yourself to this collection of Halloween goodies. The fun and fear start right here.

Word has it that the teen pop sensation, Zoe Love, is filming a movie at Monsterville Mall! Jen and her friends go to check it out, but Cal seems to have something serious on his mind. Jen can't cheer him up no matter what. The more she tries, the worse things get. Jen and Cal's friendship gets put to the test, Vince searches for Zoe and gets more trouble than he bargained for, and the kids unleash chaos at the mall. Will Jen ever understand what Cal is trying to tell her? Can Monsterville Mall withstand a zombie pop star hunt? Find out in.... Scaredy-Cal.

Although this book is part of the whimsical spooky fantasy series, Monsterville, this story is about a real life issue. What would happen if the COVID-19 pandemic reached Monsterville? Jen is stuck at home and feeling anxious, but then a heartwarming video chat fills her with hope. This relatable and timely story approaches a familiar topic with a Monsterville twist.

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